Annabelle Review

Mean Gene says:

Annabelle offers some very few scares at a costly price, your time. Clocking in at 99 minutes, the brisk pacing in the film does drag out one’s evening. The shocks and scares, which are few and far between, do offer a moment of jumps but in this day and age feel very repetitive (e.g. baby in buggy in danger has been done to greater effect in Ghostbusters 2 and Speed) and does not linger in one’s mind after the film moves on to the next plot point.

The small saving grace of the film? Alfre Woodard. She obviously did this for a paycheck but she brought some credibilty to the otherwise no name cast. Sure her role served as a key plot point but it was still a token role that anyone could have been cast in it but had the filmmakers not set a decent name to the star there was a 100% chance this film would not have seen the light of day…which would not have been a bad thing.

Submariner75 says:

This movie is so painful to watch, I felt like I was being waterboarded by a CIA operative. I would rather drink a cup of dog blood laced with HIV than watch this film again.

The set possibly being haunted is scarier than the movie.  Image from
The set possibly being haunted is scarier than the movie. Image from

Check out the original movie trailer below.


  • Throwback feel to some classic horror films; Alfre Woodard


  • Cliche paint by numbers plot & scares that get a bit tiresome

Verdict: Netflix it

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