Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer #1

Let’s get to the goods first….

Let me catch my breath for a moment, as I realized I stopped breathing while watching….

First impressions.

Harvey says:

The opening few scenes gave me the impression of a well made fan trailer. The voiceover, the setting in the dunes, the droid rolling what appeared to be a soccer ball, the quick flash of the new Stormtrooper helmets. I was half expecting Rick Astley to start playing.

Then. Something. Changed.

The X-Wings over the water, I gasped.

The hooded figure walking over the snow (I assume the bad guy, who doesn’t “look” like he would be Mark Hamil as rumored) ignites his lightsaber. I said “Oh, shit.”

The Millenium Falcon looking gorgeous looping up into the sky I said “OoOoOo”, then back towards the ground (great camera angles).

And then it just as it began, it was all over (#thatswhatshesaid).

Submariner75 says:

that trailer made me go “meh.”

I just watched the trailer again….this time it made me take a nap.

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