The Walking Dead: From comic page to TV Screen

“I promise you…none of this is personal…but at the end of the day, no matter how much we may detest this ugly business…a man’s gotta eat.”

Last night’s The Walking Dead brought to life a pivot moment from issue 64 of the comic series. In that issue a captured Dale wakes up to see that his other leg has been cut off by The Hunters. Well they feast on the fresh meat, Dale let’s them know that they are eating tainted meat since he was just bitten by a walker.

dale-new-walking-dead-poster-basically-confirms-spoilers-is-going-to-happenNow, for those watching the AMC show knows that Dale left us a while back and in his place Bob is the unfortunate one on the receiving end of the Hunters unfriendly treatment. Now whether or not Bob was bitten during a fight with a Walker under water we don’t know for sure…yet. But time will tell…below is the comic page from the comic series to compare what we saw last night on TV.

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