Welcome to Dork Nation

What is the Dork Nation you ask yourself? The Nation was the brainchild of fellow writer, the one and only SubMariner. He brought together his friends and friends of his friends from across the country and in some cases, across the globe, who share a common interest, a love for anything geek culture. Along the way as we shared stories and common likes we all quickly became a friends, nay, family. And as most other families we all argued…our fights/reviews/rants/disgust over TV shows and films gave fellow Nation member, Harvey Ramos, an idea…why don’t we share our reviews, stories, reacts to Hollywood stories with others like us out there and hence the Nation is here for your enjoyment.

We, here, will try to bring a sense of geekiness to every little post we write. Nothing fake here, nothing but pure honesty. And when I say honesty, believe us blood will be drawn. So let us be the first to welcome you to the Dork Nation. We hope you enjoy the show.

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