Marvel Studios Shakeup: Spider-Man Is Coming

Huge news that many of are waking up to as last night Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios announced Monday that the Amazing Spider-Man is indeed joining the Marvel Cinematic Univers (MCU). The news finally puts an end to the rumors that gained momentum around the web since the announcement late last year during Kevin Feige’s presser that laid out MCU’s upcoming film slate. The rumors really started picking up steam once we learned that the next Captain America film will tackle one of the biggest storylines to hit the Marvel Comics Universe, Civil War.

Under the new deal, a new Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield will no longer be suiting up) will make his new appearance in an upcoming MCU film before Sony Pictures releases a new standalone Spidey film, which as of press time has a release date of July 28, 2017, 15 years after the first film starring Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi.

Additionally under this deal both studios will find a way to bring over current MCU characters into the new Spider-Man films to insure a shared universe.

Now no word as to which film Spider-Man will make his “first appearance” in but many have speculated that Peter Parker will swing into cinemas as early as 2016 when Marvel Studios releases the aforementioned Captain America: Civil War.

Spiderman in Marvel's Civil War comic
Spiderman in Marvel’s Civil War comic

Civil War, for those who have not read the 7 issue series, centers around the Superhero Registration Act that required all superpowered beings to register and reveal their secret identities. One of the most pivotal moments in the series comes during Iron Man’s press conference supporting the act. We see Spider-Man standing by Tony Stark’s side and supporting the act. And in doing so Peter Parker must unmask and reveal to the world that he is indeed Spider-Man.

With this giant get for Marvel Studios could the X-Men and/or Wolverine also be nearing a similar deal? Only time will tell.

To read the full press release announcing this huge Marvel undertaking follow the link below:

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