Review: Daredevil on Netflix

The new Netflix Original show, Daredevil, ups the ante for any current and future comic book to TV adaptations. This dark, gritty show makes the 13 episode first season a must watch.

Marvel Entertainment’s new entry to the TV world really lucked out when they signed a deal with Netflix. The deal freed itself of any restrains that normal TV would impose on it. And more importantly it will make anyone who saw the 2003 feature film forget that that was ever even made. (Though the Director Cut’s of the film really was a far superior and enjoyable (tolerable) film and worth a viewing.)

Marvel's Daredevil comes to Netflix April 10th, 2015
Marvel’s Daredevil comes to Netflix April 10th, 2015

The show centers around new legal eagle, Matt Murdock, who loses his sight as a child during a moment of heroism. Murdock moonlights at night as Hell’s Kitchen’s resident vigilant, Daredevil. The pilot moves very quickly telling our hero’s back story smoothly for newcomers while allowing the main story arc for the season to take center stage with neither fighting for attention.

The beauty of the latest comic to TV adaptations is how producers are seeing the value of grounding them in reality and Daredevil does this without pulling any punches. The fight sequences are some of the harshish filmed for a TV show, with bone crunching sounds making the the viewer feel each and every hit. And of course the hero doesn’t escape scott free, with Daredevil at times walking away from a fight more battered and bruised than his opponents. He is going to soon run out of excuses to his legal partner, Foggy Nelson, as to how he got that black eye or broken nose.

Marvel Entertainment and Netflix has laid the ground work for all future comic to TV shows that follow. The series only makes you long to see what they have in story for Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Iron Fist & Luke Cage.


Makes up for the 2003 feature film failure


Once you’re done binge watching Season 1, waiting for Season 2 will feel like forever

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