Deadpool Movie Reviews Are Here…

After 12 years of development hell, one terrible appearance in a very lackluster film in X-Men Origins: Wolverine fans will finally get to see a Deadpool solo film in just 4 days. But the big question surrounding the upcoming R rated Marvel film (yes you read that correctly, this is the first Marvel film to be rated R) is if the film will deliver the goods. Well fell dorks our prayers have been answered as reviews have been pouring in all had some high praise for sure.

We at the Nation have gathered some of those reviews for you so you can get excited for the Merc with the Mouth.

The Hollywood Reporter

The Reporter gets to the bottom line by coming out and calling Deadpool “Very Dirty and rather funny.”

Full review can be read here:


The other Hollywood industry paper says Deadpool is a “…funny big-screen showcase for the snarkiest of Marvel’s comic-book creations…”

Full review can be read here:

Entertainment Weekly

As for EW, they gave the film a solid B saying “…Reynolds and his character are a blast of laughing gas in a genre that tends to take itself way too seriously. Deadpool may not be a cutting-edge comedy, but it is a cutting-edge Marvel movie. And right now, that’s something.”

Full review can be read here:

As for the Dork Nation’s review, watch for it sometime this weekend after the film opens.

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