Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gameplay, Single Player

Hey there fellow dorks. If you’re wondering if you should pick up Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare…

Ok, Google. Hello Siri. Hi Cortana. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare can’t help me find the nearest sushi bar.


Reviews all across the internet are glowingly positive for both the single player campaign (I’m hearing about 6+ hours) and multiplayer.

Single Player

Personally, I’m a single player guy. I suck at multiplayer and quickly grow tired of dying all the time while some 12 year old on his Mom’s AOL dial-up headshots me and cackle’s into his microphone. So with that in mind I took a few minutes to cut up some single player video footage across a few different missions. I edited out a few bits where I got shot a lot (remember, I suck at this) or meandered looking at the scenery (which is awesome). I also had to edit out the cutscenes (twice) to avoid Youtube’s Copyright police. It’s OK though, you can easily find the cutscenes from¬†“official” sources.


Please note, I’m a casual gamer, so if I do some n00b things it’s because… well, I am a n00b. Video recorded in 1080p

PC specs: Windows 7 x64, Core i7 2600k, 16GB RAM, ATI Radeon 7850 2GB.

FRAPS reported framerates in the high 100’s (although recording at a steady 60fps) so I’m thinking there is some room to boost the eye-candy quite a bit without loosing framerate. If anyone knows of optimal settings for a 7800 series¬†GPU I’d appreciate a heads up. My available options are below:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Video settings available for an ATI Radeon 7800 series GPU. This model is a 7850 with 2GB VRAM. Other specs: Windows 7 x64, Core i7 2600k, 16GB RAM, SSD.