Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gameplay, Single Player

Hey there fellow dorks. If you’re wondering if you should pick up Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare… GO GET IT. Reviews all across the internet are glowingly positive for both the single player campaign (I’m hearing about 6+ hours) and multiplayer. Single Player Personally, I’m a single player guy. I suck at multiplayer and quickly … Continued

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Launch Trailer

You’ve seen the preview trailers right? Right? RIGHT? Well, the launch is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. November 3rd you can get the latest edition in the Call of Duty franchise for Xbox One/360, Playstation 3/4, and PC. Featuring a¬†slightly creepy¬†“uncanny valley” rendition of Kevin Spacey, powersuits, and lots of new high-tech toys to blow things … Continued